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As an educator, I  teach students to effectively solve visual problems in a wide range of digital media. Providing my students with opportunities for applied learning experience, through collaboration with various community partners, invited guest speakers from the industry, and course projects that connect across disciplines are an essential part of my teaching. My courses are designed to encourage students to take ownership of their creative talents, become effective visual communicators, and demonstrate innovative, responsible, and intelligent interactions with the world.

ATS 346      Information Graphics

ATS 329      TP: Information Graphics

ATS 340      Graphic Design II

ATS 240      Graphic Design I

ATS 342      Visual Design for the Web

ATH 320     History & Theory of Digital Arts 

ATH 331     History of Graphic Design

ATS 202      Design II

ATS 341      Digital Illustration

ATS 498      Bachelor Fine Arts: Thesis I

ATS 451      Advanced Studio I- GDDM

ATS 452      Advanced Studio II- GDDM

ATT 490      Individual Problems: Advanced Graphic Design and Digital Media

LARC 293     Adobe Creative Suite 

ID 155         Interior Design Graphics I, Co-instructor with Prof. Ronald Dulaney

ARTS1313  Two-Dimensional Design

Organized Student Exhibitions


Campus COVID-19 Safety Campaign, October 16- December 11, 2020 at Dowd Gallery, SUNY Cortland/

a collaboration with SUNY 4

Common Problem Pedagogy (CPP2) COVID-19 Project, May 1-June 6, 2020 at Dowd Gallery, SUNY Cortland/

a collaboration with Dr. Edlund

Connections: Translating Methodologies from Physics and Design: Common Problem Pedagogy (CPP), May 8-August 27, 2019 at Bowers Hall, SUNY Cortland /

a collaboration w. Dr. Edlund

Care, Crises, Climate, and Dept, October 24- November 27, 2019 Student posters exhibition at Old Main Colloquium Hall, SUNY Cortland/ a collaboration w. Dr. Wilson

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